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Top 10 Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Content marketing is a very effective form of getting your message out to the world and become seen by 100s, ...
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the power of your words

The Power of your Words – Watch your Language

Own your words! The power in the language can be the difference for the power in you. How you speak, ...
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DEAR DIARY “I often wonder, who am I? Life is so unpredictable. I mean, it’s hard for me right now. ...
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10 Ways to Become Seen as an Authority in Your Niche

One area that some Life Coaching Training Schools fail to spend adequate time on, is stressing the importance of becoming known ...
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7 Outsourcing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

One of the hardest parts of our business, as Life Coaches, Consultants, and any solo-preneur - well... it is that ...
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25 Best Types of Freebies to Help You Grow a List of Your Ideal Clients

Your irresistible offer, opt-in offer, or freebie is your website's most important element that helps you generate leads and new ...
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10 Marketing Activities to Introduce Life Coaching to Your Ideal Clients

Marketing your Life Coaching business is one of the most crucial activities you'll have to consistently spend your time on. In ...
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Top 10 Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Blogging is one of the most effective way to get our message out into the world. When done right, it ...
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3 Ways to Grow Your Business with Less Stress

Picture yourself in a perfect world, in your perfect office, running your perfect life coaching business - or any of ...
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Mindset is Magic…. but it is not a magic wand!

I read a post over the weekend about Mindset and how that person was fed up seeing so much on ...
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