CLARITY for what you need right now


You can’t do everything….you just can’t. So Stop Trying! A few years ago, I did one of those corporate strengths finder assessments, and my top trait came out as “Achiever”. Was not a surprise. The testament was a badge of honour for me. Because it declared all that I had been doing since my school…

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The Power of your Words – Watch your Language

the power of your words

Own your words! The power in the language can be the difference for the power in you. How you speak, what you write, can not only feed your mind but also feed the mind that is listening or reading. What the words say about how you think about yourself, and therefore what others pick up.…

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Mindset is Magic…. but it is not a magic wand!

I read a post over the weekend about Mindset and how that person was fed up seeing so much on SM about this one thing that will change their life. That hard work cannot be replaced if you want to achieve your goals or even just your job! It is unfortunate that this is the…

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