Well Being


Michael Bourton 

CEO, Right Stone Consulting Ltd, Resilience Consultancy

Are you well? are you being? 

Do you know what that means?

Take the words and make them one

Being well is what it seems 

I don’t mind which way you turn them 

Well being or being well

For me it is the same thing

But I’ll explain so you can tell

It’s about you and how you are

It’s about how much you feel

How you face life’s ups and downs 

In life’s ever spinning wheel

It might seem so complicated

But it’s really not at all

How you approach the things you do

And don’t drop your juggling ball

Sadly it’s not as simple as a pill

Not a tablet to cure your stress

So listen well to those that know

For they can help you in this mess

There is no doubt the times are hard

But you can do amazing things 

And so with help from the friends that count

Take control of your well being

I want you to be your best 

So open up your heart and soul

Embrace this simple way of life

Be well, be strong, be whole


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