My Place Is In The Wind



Toolika Rani “tulip”

Squadron Leader Toolika Rani

Ex-Indian Air Force Officer, Mountaineer, Motivational Speaker

A knot in my heart is twisting within,

Sending ripples of pain,

Even tears don’t come,

So deep is the agony,

Hollowing me from inside.

All I wished was love and laughter,

A friend for life, to stand beside me.

Oh! The darkness! Oh, oh, the darkness!

It engulfs everyone, everything that I weave,

And broken, I’m left behind, again, again, again, again!

There rings a voice, “You had a choice”,

Indeed I did, to break or to fix,

The dangling bridge.

Do I remain hanging by a thread? Ever fearing it will break?

My angst, my pain, my spring, my rain,

The shackles I break,

And dreams do I chase,

The wisdom afar, my madness is my pal,

A wind so strong, pretensions are torn,

Through bleeding of the heart, a fountain spurts,

Resounding in me, my own voice whirls,

OOOHM, Aham Bramhasmi

The end of this verse,


Though everything I loose, my freedom do I choose,

Let’s climb onto the swing! My place is in the Wind!

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